Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Inspirations...Miranda, Millie and Lily

Miranda Kerr...
I love Miranda's style because she always makes such unusual fashion choices that catch the eye, but still manages to maintain a chic and well presented look, like this one here. Her clothes are always flattering and I like how she adds a pop of colour to every outfit, whether it be with a blazer, or just coloured lips. Miranda keeps it simple and I like that, she's not over dressed or dripping with accessories, she never gets it wrong.

Millie Mackintosh
Everything Millie wears is always amazing, there hasn't been anything I have disliked. She always gets it right with colours and accessories, particularly bags. Millie has always got very proper and put together outfits, which is something I love in her style. Something else that draws me to her is that she can pull off white, which is difficult for many. Her clothes are just gorgeous, she looks sophisticated but still young and fashionable with a classic edge.


Lily Aldridge
I think Lily's style appeals to me because of her laid-back and effortless attitude. She brings out the leather jackets and skinnies jeans in me! Rarely seen in high heels, Lily keeps it casual with pumps or flat sandals and tends to accessorize with a scarf (another must have for me). Not only does Lily look great when she's dressed down, but for an event Lily pulls out all the stops and shows off those legs in a mini dress, looking insanely gorgeous! And the just amazing.

My Style

I always find it quite hard to define my style in just a few words. I like to mix it up sometimes with things that push the boundaries, but other times I like to keep it plain and simple. Of course I have my wardrobe staples such as black wet look leggings, a simple t-shirt, blazer and ankle boots.

Black is my colour. Black is EVERYONE'S colour. The majority of what I own is predominantly black, I feel that no matter what item it is, whether it be an LBD or a pair of skinnies, with any type of accessory, jewelry piece or shoe black is always my go to.

Dressing for your shape is the most important thing I have learned working and learning within the industry. I personally have a difficult shape as I stand at 5'4 with big boobs and booty its not always easy to find what suits, especially when searching for the right dress...backless is a nightmare! But as time as gone by I have managed to dress to fit my body. Blazers are my all time favorite piece of clothing, I have so many and couldn't live without my white one! Having broad shoulders comes in handy when wearing a blazer, they always look fantastic, particularly in bold colours such as electric blue (my new favourite colour) and mustard yellows.

So there it is! My kind of definition of my personal style, I hope that as my blog grows it will be clear to see my individual style evolving too...

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I decided to make a lookbook account a few days ago and I am just getting used to it, so it may take me a while to build up my looks! I was browsing around and checking out some other bloggers and everyone is so different, I love that you are being recognised by others and people are showing interest in your looks. I don't know why I never made one sooner! It's great being able to take inspiration and seek out other users styles and trends. I only have one look at the moment, but I really appreciate the hypes and comments I have recieved already!

Monday, 11 March 2013

About Me...

I'm Marisa Docherty, a 20 year old fashion student studying at Glasgow Caledonian University. I have a love for all things fashion and decided that I would create my very own fashion and lifestyle blog, after a long time of delibertion. I've been very reluctant and skeptical of blogs in the past, but I came to the conclusion that although I may be new to this, but so was every other blogger at somepoint and our imaginations and ideas set us a part and make us all different. So here I go...